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Conway & Associates, LLC
“Legacy by Design”


With four children and eight grandchildren, Tom has a passion to help families create and build a family legacy that will carry on for generations to come.

Three words, CLARITY, ALIGNMENT, and COMMUNICATION, are at the heart of what Legacy by Design does with families. We help them gain clarity around their goals in five areas of their legacy (personal, family, financial, business, and charitable).

Next, we review their existing plan to see how well it aligns with that clarity.

Finally, once that plan is aligned, we assist them in communicating and discussing that plan with the next generations. This is done in family meetings.

We do all this through the Legacy by Design Coaching process.  This process helps families gain clarity and confidence around what they believe God wants them to do with their resources.  It helps them quantify their needs for the future, what they wish to leave for their family, what they will do with their business, and how the remainder of their resources can be released to organizations that reflect their values.  It often leads to a zero estate and IRD tax situation.

He believes the lack of clarity around their legacy issues keeps many people from maximizing the use of their resources.  In addition, many families do not know whether their existing plans match up with what they believe God would have them to do with what He has entrusted to them.

Tom is a CPA by training whose career has led him serve with numerous financial service and ministry organizations such as Ernst & Young, Cru, Ronald Blue & Co., Perimeter Church, Generous Giving, Inc., National Christian Foundation, Kingdom Advisors, and Haggai Institute.  Tom is a Qualified Kingdom Advisor (QKA™) and contributing author to two books: unHERITAGE – The 11 Pitfalls of Family Legacy and How to Avoid Them and unPREPARED – 14 Elements of Successful Wealth Transfer.

Living and serving in Africa for a number of years and working extensively in Europe, Asia, and Russia enhanced Tom’s global Christian perspective. Tom and his wife Susan have been married for 39 years, have four children and eight grandchildren, and live in Atlanta, Georgia.