History and Bio

Legacy by Design

Legacy by Design was started in 2011 and came from our founder’s experience in working with financially blessed families.  He would often ask them three questions.

What kind of professional advisors do you have?  Many people would respond, “I have a CPA, an attorney, a money manager, an insurance man, and others.”  That led to the second question.

Do you have anyone who knows and does 3 things for you?

  1. They know clearly what your goals and objectives are?
  2. They know all that you have?  Not just some amount of money they are managing, but the entire picture of all your assets?
  3. They have helped you develop a strategy to accomplish your goals and objectives based upon the resources you have been entrusted with?

Unfortunately, the answers to these 3 questions were generally, “no”.  He would then ask the final question.

Do your advisors share your Biblical worldview?  The answer to this was often ‘no’.

His experience in listening to the answers to these questions along with a real desire to help these families, led him to start Legacy by Design.

As a father of four and a grandfather of eight, Tom has a vested interest in seeing families, including his own, develop healthy family legacies for generations to come.