The Legacy by Design Process

We have 3 Stages in our process.

Stage 1 – Family Legacy Review
Stage 2 – Strategy Development and Implementation
Stage 3 – On-going Monitoring


Stage 1 — Family Legacy Review

Step 1 - Goals Conversation Around 5 Areas of Legacy
Step 2 - Review of Existing Plan
Step 3 - Family Legacy Goals and Gaps Analysis

Step 1
Family Legacy Goals Conversation – this is generally a 2-4 hour conversation with a couple where we will ask you lots of questions around the 5 areas of your legacy to uncover your deep desires.

  1. Personal Legacy – what you and your spouse believe you want to be remembered by.
  2. Family Legacy – let’s talk about your family (kids, grandkids, parents, and others).  How are they doing spiritually, financially, vocationally, relationally, socially?
  3. Financial Legacy – this deals with wealth transfer – what will be an inheritance to each of your kids that will be a blessing to them and not a curse?
  4. Business Legacy – what is your business continuity plan and your business succession plan? Will your business provide for your family once you are gone?
  5. Charitable Legacy – What do you want to do for charity both while you are living and at the end of life?

Step 2
Review of Your Existing Plan – here we will gather all of your information using the acronym BALTIC

a. Balance Sheet
b. Assets Under Management
c. Legal Documents
d. Tax Returns
e. Insurance Information
f.  Cash Flow Information

Step 3
Family Legacy Goals and Gaps Analysis – the deliverable to you will be an analysis that covers three things

a. What you said you wanted to do
b. What your existing plan does
c. What are the GAPS between what you said you wanted to do and what your existing plan does

Once we learn the number and seriousness of the GAPS in your existing plan, we move on to Stage 2.


Stage 2 — Strategy Development and Implementation

Stage 2 includes:

  • Goal Clarification
  • Trusted Advisor Conversation
  • Collaboration with Existing Advisors
  • Strategy Development
  • Approval of Strategy by Client
  • Implementation of Strategy
  • Creation of Charitable Giving Strategy
  • Meetings with Next Generation Family Members
  • Family Health Survey
  • Initial Family Meeting with Adult Children

Stage 3 — On-going Monitoring

Once a family’s legacy plan aligns with their objectives, we enter the on-going monitoring phase.  This generally includes some or all of the following.

  • Developing family mission, vision, and values
  • On-going Income and Estate Tax planning and Cash Flow Management
  • Regular Family Meetings
  • Training Heirs
  • Regular Individual Meetings with Adult Children
  • Insurance Reviews
  • Planned Family Activities

Start your intentional legacy story today.